Let the Games Begin

This weekend despite the rain, sickness, and multiple trips to Ikea we finally started our long awaited master suite renovation! Hallelujah, hallelujah!

I'll start with a quick rundown of what we are working with, the "master suit" is actually 4 separate spaces we will be combing into a bedroom, bathroom, and walk-in closet combo. The bedroom portion will essentially remain the same except for a massive overhaul of the cosmetic variety. The portion we currently use as a closet will become our shower and "toilet room" while the current bathroom will house the vanity. So that leaves us with a bunch of clothes and no storage, That is where the fourth room comes in behind the bathroom and closet is a sunroom with one whole windowless wall.

Current Layout

So pretty much a dream closet scenario; tons and tons of natural light.

We will be closing off the door leading out to the mudroom and the one leading into the current closet leaving us with about 205" of wall space for closet units.

We will be using the Pax Wardrobe system by Ikea with Grimo doors and to utilize all of the available space we are combining four of the Kungsbacka Sektion kitchen cabinets to create a dresser island in the center of the room. We are sticking with a simple black, white, and wood color scheme with a little brass thrown in for good measure.

This is definitely a more subdued palette choice for me but I wanted the design to take a back seat and let the clothes do all the talking. I am also on the hunt for a full length mirror and over-sized chair (hopefully vintage) so I might get a little dramatic where those are concerned.

Finally the wall color, I haven't firmed it up yet but it will be one of these colors, I love the warmth and subtle pink tones. I am leaning towards the darkest of the three because of the amount of light the room gets but I am notorious for last minute decision making.

Feel free to let me know below what you think or even which color you would pick! Stay tuned for the bathroom installment next week. Hopefully by then I will have decided between two dramatically different designs, but who are we kidding probably not!

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