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As promised here all the sources we used for our master bathroom renovation.

This is the buffet that we up-fitted into a vanity, but if you don't have space constraints this is the one that I was inspired by!

I upgraded the pulls with these glass and brass ones.

Our faucets are Kingston Brass and can be found here from Wayfair.

Our sinks might be my favorite feature, they are honed marble and come with a matching drain cover which gives it a very high end look.

Our mirrors are also from Wayfair, they really are my go to website when I start to pull things together for a space. They literally have everything and I haven't been disappointed yet!

Now for one of lifes necessities, but not the prettiest thing in the world, the toilet. Ours floats off the ground and houses all of the "guts" if you will inside the wall. The fact that there is nothing on the floor makes vacuuming and mopping so easy.

Our walls are made using 1/2 gallon of Black Magic flat paint by Sherwin Williams mixed with 8 cups of drywall powder. I mixed together and applied 2 coats using a trowel so that it gives a lime plaster style finish.

Both our floor and wall tile are from Bedrosians Tile.

And before I forget the real star of the shower experience our shower fixtures. They are mostly ala cart so you can peruse around the Kholer website to find the attachments you want!

If you want to read the nitty gritty on the reno process hope back to our master bath reveal and feel free to leave any questions below!

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