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Home to me and my family is first and foremost our landing place and safe haven. I have dreamed of owning my own home and by proxy decorating it since I was a little kid. Creating a special, comforting space for my family to grow will always be a top priority for me. I am beyond grateful that life has allowed me the gift of making that a reality.

When Bassett Furniture wanted to team up to talk about what home means to us and how design plays a part in that, it sounded too good to be true. I decided to showcase one of the more important spaces in our home, our dining room, and incorporate pieces from Bassett into that room and into our daily lives.

Gathering around the table for dinner has been a constant since we bought our first home and over the years as our family has grown it has become something we all look forward too. Some nights that means a (somewhat) full dinner spread complete with sides and dessert but most nights its more like soup or delivery pizza. The joy doesn't necessarily come from what we are eating but that we are all together sharing a meal.

Several years ago (once our oldest could communicate) we started doing what we call best and worst, going around the table sharing the highs and lows of our days with each other. It has grown over the years from being a simple "my best was having waffles for breakfast" to long stories of things that have happened at school or between each other as their vocabularies and daily interactions have changed through the years. It makes us feel connected even if we aren't with each other throughout the day, it helps us keep a pulse on the things that are important to each other or things we could make better.

Most recently our dining table has become something I really never imagined, a classroom. From the hours of 8-2, this room is the central location for two fourth graders and a kindergartner. My typical morning view is now laptops and notebooks spread out and 3 little bent over heads following along with their various classmates online. It is not an ideal situation but having a space were they can spread out and get comfortable (with close snack proximity) has been a blessing.

In all honesty I am blown away by the quality of these pieces, the table especially is stunning. Wide enough to fill it up comfortably with four kids and two adults passing food and maneuvering around each other. Let me tell you four kids can be rough on a dining table (just ask my last one) the Modern with Bench*Made Maple Top in Weathered Truss Top has already encountered a few knives and several pencils and is holding up beyond my expectations.

The timeless look of the Bench*Made Midtown Side Chair in Lampblack give the modern table that classic touch it needed to ground the room. They are wide, shockingly comfortable and according to my two year old the perfect height for optimal climbing. I added this gorgeous Esha rug with gold, rust, and navy tones that warms everything up and is plush enough to be comfortable under foot but low pile enough to clean easily.

Finally the real center of attention in this space, the Kentridge Leaner Mirror. I can't even tell you how many times it stops me in my tracks staring at the reflection of the kitchen or watching one of the boys make goofy faces in it. It makes the space feel luxe and glamorous and the brass frame pulls all of the other aspects of the room together.

For our family the dining room is always the space we come back to, together, a safe space we congregate and lift each other up or commiserate with one another over a rough day. Having these timeless, durable pieces from Bassett Furniture has made our time in this room not only more comfortable but more beautiful as well.

You can book a virtual appointment with a Bassett Furniture design consultant to get started creating the perfect space for your family.

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