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You know that time between Halloween and Christmas? In America it's Thanksgiving and for the most part we completely overlook it until the day of, at least when it comes to ad campaigns, themed programming, Hobby Lobby, and home decor. So some of us in the blogosphere have gotten together to show you what we have going on before our trees come out!

Spoiler mine includes lots of pampas grass and neutral colored pumpkins.

So come on in and take a look around and when you're done head on over to the other great homes featured!

I've always found November to be a weird time as far as decorating goes, it doesn't feel right to put everything away and have a naked house but my Christmas decorations don't go up until the day after Thanksgiving. After a lot of thought (just kidding it took me two seconds) I decided to leave out my gourd related Halloween decor and pack the rest away. Boom its kind of like a mini clean up making November 29 a little easier this year.

Firstly, no one is more impressed than me that I have kept these ferns alive for NINE WHOLE MONTHS! Which is why they are still here normally you would see mums in these planters by September 1st but I couldn't part with these guys quite yet.

All of the Halloween decorations disappeared November 1st (by "disappeared" I mean put in a box which is still sitting in the middle of my foyer).

I left out all of the more neutral colored pumpkins, out of the 1 million I collected this year.

Is there anything prettier than pampas grass? I'm sure there is but I haven't found it yet, I love how fluffy and creamy it looks.

I haven't shared this view of the dining room on the blog yet but here she is! Isn't amazing what a little bit of paint can do to a space? This color in particular might be my favorite black I've come across it's velvety and so rich.

I love the warmth of these cutting and bread boards, our kitchen can sometimes feel cold because of the high contrast of all of the black and white and these boards help break that up.

This quote from the incomparable Charlie Brown might be sticking around throughout the year, I think its a great daily reminder.

And for your viewing pleasure more pampas grass. I never put seasonal decorations in the bedrooms and I'm not sure how I'll feel about this mantle arrangement once spring comes back around but for now I adore it so here it will stay.

Our living room isn't so much decorated in a fall theme as it was a complete fall/winter makeover. This room used to be white and bright but I was inspired to make it darker and moodier for all of our cold weather hibernation needs. It is now incredibly hard not to fall asleep in this room. Which in hindsight might be a problem as I am now stuck on the same episode of The Devil Nextdoor that I've started watching every night for the past week.

That's all for me folks, I hope you enjoyed it and be sure to check out all of the other great homes below!


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