Pretty Little (Tissue) Boxes

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Lets talk about a constant design dilemma, beauty vs. function. I have always struggled with this especially where life necessities are concerned i.e. tissues but more importantly those pesky little boxes they live in. I never, ever have tissues in the house (ask my family they find it really annoying) so most winter you will find us all with chapped noses because we are using paper towels to relieve the runny, snotty season. I know, I know why not just use a tissue box cover? Mainly because they remind me of my great-grandmothers pink carpeted bathroom from 1970 but also they're an added expense I just don't think is necessary.

Enter Scotties Tissue and their brilliant move to team up with non-other than designer extraordinaire Genevieve Gorder! Together Scotties and Gorder have created 8 instagram worthy boxes (no cover needed).

Gorder is a designer I have followed and been inspired by since her days on Trading Spaces. When I found out she was involved in this project I knew I had to get my hands on these tissues.

The 8 designs cover all design tastes, ranging from this minimalist treescape,

to this more detailed sparkly depiction of a winter night sky.

This birch tree themed box is high on my list with its neutral tones that go with any decor.

But my personal favorite is this chunky knit print that gives me all the cozy vibes (and also looks so good on my nightstand).

Scotties has really hit it out of the park with these, all of the designs will carry you through until spring and keep your nose chafe free!

You can check out all of the designs here along with holiday decor and entertaing tips from Gorder herself!

This holiday season up your tissue game without having to use those decorative crochet covers your grandmother passed down to you!

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