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Updated: Jun 7, 2019

I know its been awhile guys and I'm sorry to have left you hanging but life took a really sharp turn last month and I just needed a little mental break

So this is me hitting the re-start button! I've teamed up with a group of bloggers who are known for their unique living spaces and we are throwing together a little summer home tour!

If you've found me through ig or have poked around a little here you know that our house is a work in progress so for this tour I am sticking to the (mostly) done spaces, next week I will have an update post on the master suite renovation!


Lets start from the top - The Foyer. I have a lot of trouble with this space because, well I've never had one before and didn't quite know where it fit in the flow of things. We never use our front door so this space doesn't need to be all that functional. I really just wanted it to make a statement about the house and be a mix of old (our house was built in 1900) and modern (I adore all things mid-mod). I think I pulled it off but who knows this could all change in a month!

The wall colors are Eider White and Perfect Griege by Sherwin Williams.

I wanted to show you a better view of the stairs we had the railings and newell posts that where here (put in in 1995) ripped out and new ones that better reflect the design of the house put in. It is night and day and was worth every penny! The mirrors and rugs are all vintage and have been collected over time. You will notice a theme throughout, most of the things in my house are old and I have a very serious rug addiction!

The Sitting Room

And now onto hands down my favorite room. This is our "casket room" (I'm not kidding) fun fact this is the room that held caskets if anyone in the family died. The windows in this room are wider than any other room so that they could slide the casket out to take to the local cemetery! Cheery, right?

We use it as a sitting room/formal living room. Mainly I just come in here to drink coffee and look at all my lovely ladies! My kids call this the "creepy lady room" and have given each of them a name and back story, one day I will share each one they are pretty great! The wall color is Naval by Sherwin Williams and I can't take any credit for it this was the one thing my husband picked out!

The Hallway

This is the hallway, I hand painted this "wallpaper" when the hubs poop pooped actual wallpaper! You can read all about it and find the tutorial here!

It was definitely back breaking but so worth it, I love the impact it makes when you walk through the house because you get a glimpse of it from almost every room!

The Powder Room

The before and after on our little guest bath is truly insane. Not only is the footprint in here insanely tiny but we had a very short time frame to work with (during both Thanksgiving and Christmas). Five weeks to gut and what turned into rebuild due to water damage while not taking anytime off from real life to get it done! I love how it turned out and I am pretty proud of us too!

You can find all the sources here. Again most of the little knick-knacks I use are vintage but I did try and link some lookalikes for you.

The Family Room

This room ties with the kitchen for most used space for sure. We love our Friday, family movie night and the t.v. cabinet hides away about a bijillion toys so this is play central for everyone when they are downstairs. When we first moved in, we actually used this space as the nursery until we realized no baby needs that much square footage and 12' ceilings. So we moved him upstairs with his brothers and now I get a great leg workout at 3 am everynight.

This switch has served us (and my previously mentioned legs) well and thanks to keeping the door I can just shut the mess away if we have unexpected company! These large windows provide great light and as luck would have it the t.v. fit exactly under the middle one! We get great light in every room downstairs, its one of the features that I love about old homes.

The wall color here is Bow String by Behr.

The Kitchen

This back splash still catches my eye and makes me smile every time I walk into the kitchen, I was worried when we chose it that it was too intense and I would grow to hate it but we've had it for going on two years and that hasn't happened yet! It also could be that island light which is a knock-off Schoolhouse Electric chandelier that was so easy to make!

This one was a difficult renovation to say the least. It was the first time we hired someone to help with a renovation, ever, and they disappeared two weeks in so the kitchen set completely gutted for a month while we scrambled to piece mill a construction team together.

Once we were able to get the guts back together and walls back up it took the carpenter we hired six months to get our cabinets to us (insert face palm emoji) and after all of that we are going to have to repaint all of the cabinets because he used the wrong type of paint (note to self do your research when you hire someone to do anything)! Anyway despite it all I love this kitchen and it really works so well for our family.

The wall color is Timeless White by Sherwin Williams and the cabinet color is Wrought Iron by Benjamin Moore.

The End.

Well that about wraps it up for our little corner of this tour. Be sure to check out everyone's spaces, they are all so inspiring and lets be honest its always fun to poke around someone else's house!

Thanks for stopping by!


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