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Ummm hi its been a long time....

I'm really terrible at blogging, I've decided, which is weird because in reality I have a lot to say so you would think this would be easy. Oh well I've heard blogging is a dying art so maybe my lack of commitment isn't that big of a deal.

I am FINALLY getting around to the big closet before/after so buckle up.

When we moved into this house it was a no brainer that we would be expanding the master bathroom and therefore needing to create a new closet. Somewhere in its 120 year lifespan someone decided to build a sunroom off of the master bath, weird placement but it really worked out for us!

When we toured the house this was what it looked like.

Yeah I know these aren't the best angles, in my defense I had no idea these photos would ever see the light of day.

Look at all these doors! The far right is obviously the bathroom, next is the original closet door, and we are rounding them out with access to the back yard.

This photo shows the flow from the bedroom, to the bathroom, and then the sunroom. The second door in the photo was the closet it is now our shower.

Obviously the first step was going to be the bathroom renovation (you can read all about that here) which resulted in closing off all of those doorways so that we had a nice clean run for the closet units.

Lets breakdown the storage first...

Yes I had Khloe Kardashian dreams when I envisioned this "closet island" but in all seriousness it was the only solution to add more storage because of all of those windows. We used four kitchen cabinet bases from Ikea and topped it off with their butcher block counter top. So pretty much I am Keeping up with the Kardashians.

The closet units were essential for several reasons; one being I think they make the space look clean and organized even when its not, the second but probably most important reason was the 7 windows we have in that space. Windows equal light which equals fadage where fabric is concerned.

The original doors I had picked out ended up being unavailable due to the pandemic so my only option was these plain jane ones. In order to make up for the lack of pizzazz on the door fronts I came up with these massive diy wood handles. I actually prefer the look of these then my original plan! Speaking of my original plan (you can check it out here) I think I stayed pretty true to it with the overall boho-eclectic feel.

I find this view into the bathroom so satisfying, going from 3 random doorways to one just makes my little type A heart flutter. We chose not to do a door between the bathroom and closet to save on space and because of the doors on the units (and a very intense bathroom vent) it was not necessary.

This little corner is my hiding spot, somehow no one in my house ever thinks to look for me here and I'm hoping none of them read this so it stays that way.

We couldn't run the closet units all the way to the end of the wall because of you guessed it those windows again. I knew I needed to make that abrupt end feel intentional so I added a chair, art, and hat storage. Would you believe that art was our old headboard I let my 6 year old paint?

Originally I had planned to paint the closet walls in a pale beige, taupe, pink but after putting a sample up I didn't feel that it connected the space to the bedroom or the bathroom. Because the rooms are in fact separate spaces I wanted them to at least flow like one large space so I connected this space with the bedroom by painting it the same color.

Now I am a advocate of the "waste not, want not" motto which resulted in throwing that original color up behind the mirror for a fun feature!

I'm all out of before and after pics, but I promise next week I will have a full source list and a breakdown of those closet door pulls! After that I'm not making any promises on when you will here from me again.

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