where to begin...

The first post is always the hardest right? This page has set open for 2 weeks now, if I'm being honest I've been trying to write this for several years. So here goes nothing.

If you have found your way here through Instagram; yay, welcome, I hope I can live up to your expectations! In case you couldn't tell I like old things and (very) old houses. We (myself and the old ball and chain) have spent the last 10 years fixing up old houses and filling them with old things.

I won't bore you with all the details right out of the gate the condensed version is our first home was a 1928 mill home, followed by a 1957 mid century modern ranch, and currently we are in a 119 year old Greek Revival which has been the most challenging yet. If we have any spare time between renovating and keeping 4 boys and 2 dogs alive we dabble in the odd thrift store hunt, estate sale, or hole in the wall antique shop.

I also dabble in decorating, so far only for the odd friend or family member and also started selling vintage housewares in a local antique shop last year.

So if you stick around you will find a little before and after along with the in between, some design inspiration, diy projects, and possibly a whole lot of weird mixed in!

*Spoiler alert next week I will have the tutorial up for my Schoolhouse Electric light knock-off!*

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